Limousine | Service Redneck Style! Serving a Wicked Big Chunk of New England. Travel with us Redneck Style! Limousine Service featuring The Redneck Limo and The Muddy Girlz Limousine New England Limo Service, Serving a Wicked Big Chunk of ME, NH, VT and MA
New England
 Limousine Service

Redneck Style

​​Serving  A Wicked​​
Big Chunk of...

Maine, Massachussets
​New Hampshire
& Vermont

Guys Nite Out​​​​

Bachelor Parties

 Ready t'a hang out wif the fellas an' turn some haids? ​​​Then this hyar package is fer you. Arrive in Redneck Style ta a destinashun of yer choice or set us
ta' cruise corntrol an'
take th' party ta  th' rudd. 

 No designated drivah needed!