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Davorce Party


So you finally went and dun it? Got them davorce papers in the mail.  Could be the woman you married turned out to be nuttier than a port a potty at peanut festival? or the man of your dreams was having sexual relations with Chrissy Lynn, that low down mugly Mud cricket? Time to move on down the road.  

Time to plan yer davo'ce party!!! 

A Davorce Party is a way to mark the end of the pain an' sufferin' thet eventually comes wif the opposite sex, after the alcohol wears off.  (Takes some of us longer than others)

​A whole noo phase of life is jest beginnin'. An thet is something to celebrate! Gather up your friends and send out the invites!  Its party time! (On account o' of th' probability yo'’re a-gonna git stoopid, yo' probably should avoid invitin' anyone from yer workplace o' others whose impresshun of yo''d change eff'n they see yo' in a (ahem) state. tho Yer davorce lawyer will appreciate the invitation, theys highly unlikely ta show) 

This here party can be a great way the nooly davorced can thank all th' varmints who stood by them through the ordeal of separeeshun. 

Th' party is an oppo'tunity tto announce yer noo status in life. Yer now single an' available!!! 

 We suggest you git it dun when yer kids is wif th' ex or when you don’t have ennythin' impo'tant you need t'do the next mo'ning (oh wait, your single, that's every day now)  So call now to book the date!

Congratulations on your davorce!

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