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Maine Prom

Takin' yer cuzzin to the prom? Ride t'yer prom or skool shindig in Redneck Style! We will make your Prom experience a night t'remember, Redneck Style!. Our courteous and professhunal chauffeurs will insure thet you an' yer guests will haf th' perfect night an' git yo' home safely.  

Eff'n yer lookin' t'accommodate a large prom group of 14 varmints or jest be hankerin' a romannic evenin' with jest you an' yer date, our limos are bound to turn some heads! Arrive in style wifout compromisin' safety an' dependability. 

When it comes t'limos fo' prom, safety is our number one corncern no matter which prom limo yo' choose. 

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