Cuzzin Bubba's Last Bash

Bacholer Party

So you've gone an dun it again you dun falled in luv and went bat shit crazy over Cuzzin Ronni Sue dis time and you wanna make an honest relative out of ah.  So round up da kin folk and yer good ol buddys and yer best man Ant Tom and plan a night ya'll ain't neva gon ferget  it's time to crack out the good stuff the pbr and have a cellebreashun. And don't ferget uncle gran pappy pick n paws moonshine. 

It's yer hanging

Sence yer gon dun keepin it in da family and keepin da family tree from branchin  you and yer kin deserve nothin but da best arrive to da destonashion of yer choice in style and comfort. We's can even swing on bye da Jay ballay and pay me maw a visit at work or go see dem Lil migets at platinum plus. 

It's yer last night out as a single relitive

Since it's yer  last night out as a single relative before da big hanging we can help make it a night all yer kin gonna remember.