Davorce Partys

Gittin Davorced?? We's can help!

So you finally gone and dun it you got dem davorce papers in the mail turns out she was nuttier than a porta poty at a peanut festival or crazier than jack Nicholson at the Mt Washington hotel in the shining.  Or maybe the man of your dreams wuz havin sexual relations with Chrissy lynn  that low down fugly Mud Cricket.  Everyone knows she's been passed around 3 county's and procreated  with every dude on Craigslist and fet life. Let's just hope he didn't give you her luggage she been carrin for years.  (the gift that keeps on giving)  

Time To cellerbrate!

From all the pain and sufferin that comes wif the opposite sex maybe the alcohol wore off. (some of us it takes longer than others)  What bedda way to cellarbrate yer davorce than a night out on da town wif yer kin and friends.  

      It's a good way to let everyone know yer new status that yer single and available and finally free to mingle ya might even find yer self a new date or at least for the night while you have one of deese lim o zeenes.   it's time to get stupid and have some fun. Hey its your davorce she might be gettin da trailer or he may be moving out if dat trailer wif hefty bags   but yer gonna have a night yer sure gonna wemember fo da rest of yer life.