Show yer cuzzins your a sofistacated redneck

It's gonna be a rootin tootin down home redneck family reunion. 

    So comb yer  mullet shine up dat toof and get all gussied up in yer best overalls  cauze cuzzin Nelly done broked  up and davorced cuzzin cooter and she's hotter than a hoe in church on sunday and u  been single since cuzzin darla dun runnned oft wif uncle bug eyed bubba leavin ya all alone with the coon hounds and that wuz what like three years ago. 

All da fam is gonna be dare bar be quing drinking moonshine and cuzzin skuzz twitleys  pasbt blue ribbon so why tha hell not make quite da impreasun wif one of dese hair limousines sure to tickle cuzzin Nellys fancy, ant  Margrets or ant Toms.  

Cuzzin Nelly

Ant Tom